A cold drink is offered to the thirsty. A warm meal is set before the hungry. A home folds in an orphan and calls him ‘son’. These are pictures of relief. Portraits of the moment when a person feels like they can face what is next. Life can make us all feel like we are thirsty when we have had plenty to drink, hungry when our bellies are full, orphans though we have a family, and desperate in the midst of our comfort. If this is a common malady to us all, what is the remedy? Grace.

Grace meets us where we are. Grace fills us, changes us, and guides us back out into that same world—and make the world different. It doesn’t come from some deep well within us, however poured into us by someone else. That someone is Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us as at Meadowview Reformed Presbyterian Church as we learn what it means to savor Christ’s grace offered to us in his death and resurrection as well as to be servants of that grace in our community and beyond.