What can I do about the abortion/Planned Parenthood problem?

by Kirk Blankenship | August 8, 2015

Here’s a link below that the leadership at Meadowview has found helpful.  Please read and pray for this bloody scourge on our land to end.  “Your kingdom come.  Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6.10).”  “Planned Parenthood: 4 ways to respond”  NOTE: Click on the title “What can I do about…” in order to be able to get to the link above.

How can we answer our LGBT-affirming neighbor’s objections?

by Kirk Blankenship | July 7, 2015

With the recent SCOTUS decision pertaining to same-sex marriage, lots of questions and objections and reinterpretations aimed at the Bible have been resurfacing.  While no objections that I have run across are substantively new nor have they been left unanswered, it’s good to re-present the answers to them for those who are hearing these objections for the first time.  So this will be the first of (hopefully) a series of answers to the common objections levied by LGBT-affirming people against… (Read More)

Why do we baptize infants?

by Kirk Blankenship | March 3, 2015

Rivers of ink have been spilled over this question, so to think that we can settle the issue in one short post would seem to stretch the imagination a bit much.  But since there are many people who have never been really introduced to even a short defense of this practice, we will share this link to an article by Reformed pastor Kevin DeYoung, titled “A Brief Defense of Infant Baptism“.  If anyone wishes to carry the conversation further and… (Read More)

Why is the word “Reformed” a part of Meadowview’s name?

by Kirk Blankenship | August 8, 2014

The quick and historical answer to this question is that the church’s leadership added the word to its name when it changed its denominational affiliation almost 50 years ago.  Meadowview was originally part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.) from its inception in the 1940’s.  But as that denomination began to drift from its moorings in the truths of holy scripture, Meadowview’s leadership decided to change its affiliation to the more biblically faithful Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (RPCES).  So in… (Read More)