Bible Hour Classes

Youth & Adult Bible Hour

These classes will be offered during our ABH for the summer quarter:


Our Sunday morning, Junior and Senior High class is a wonderful time for our students to hear the Word of God, discuss the Scriptures, worship in song, pray, and fellowship. We encourage parents to attend as this is a wonderful opportunity for parents and their children to hear the same lesson, interact with the lesson, and return home discussing what they have heard together. The study is rich, the prayers are faithful, the worship is honoring, and the fellowship is encouraging.

This summer, we’ll be delving into the riches of God’s 10 commandments as they relate to student life in a series called ‘The Rules: 10 to Live By’.


The Screwtape Letters, Part 2

Teacher: Jason Lindegren

What if you could be a fly on the wall in the enemy’s war room, where their strategy for tempting and assaulting God’s people was being cooked up?  What would you give to be that fly – to get a heads up on how the enemy was planning his next assault?  Well come to this class and enjoy C.S. Lewis’s modern classic where he imaginatively takes us into the diabolical correspondence between a lieutenant demon, Screwtape, as he gives his novice nephew, Wormwood, lessons on how to woo and sway their “patient” to join the path that leads to destruction.  Each week we will listen to an audio drama version of one or two of the letters followed by much classroom discussion.  Bring your own copy of the book or email/contact the church office so we can order you a copy ($8/copy).

Gospel According to Matthew

Teachers: Various

Who is this Jesus of Nazareth, this obscure, Jewish carpenter’s son whose words and actions elicited both fear and faith, anger and awe? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an eyewitness account of His ministry, an account that is neither a lie nor a legend?  Well C.S. Lewis once said, “I am perfectly convinced that whatever the gospels are they are not legends. I have read a great deal of legend and I am quite clear they are not that sort of thing…”  Come and study this gospel according to Matthew this quarter and answer for yourself the question, “Is this gospel story merely a lie or is it really an account of the earthly life of Jesus and all He claimed to be?”  And if this gospel account is true, what sort of persons ought we to be in light of who He is?


Children’s Bible Hour

Coordinators: Eric and Kim Harrison
Location: Children’s Wing

Nursery (0 – 24 months) – Room # 101
(Provided at 9am & 10:30 am)
Childcare Workers – 9am –  Ginger Bitterman & Sherri Shoaf

Toddler (2 – 3 years) – Room # 103
(Provided at 9am & 10:30 am)
Childcare Workers – 9am –  Lynda Entwistle and Sandy Martin

3 & 4 years (Sea Otters) Room # 104
Teachers: Kitty Lanier & Trisha Nichols
“Hands on Bible”

Grades K – 2 (Seals) Room  # 106
Teachers: Marie Kuhn and Debbie Thompson
Questions and Answers About God“ (continued)

Grades 3 – 4 (Dolphins) Room # 107
Teachers: Linda Garwood & Harriet Kruse
“The Holy Spirit, Our Helper”

Grades 5 – 6 (Whales) Room  # 108
Teachers: Derek & Kathy Smith
The Sacraments