Bible Hour Classes

Youth & Adult Bible Hour

These classes will be offered during our ABH for the winter quarter:


Teachers: Kevin Miller, David Schexnayder and Ben Wilson

Our Sunday morning, Junior and Senior High class is a wonderful time for our students to hear the Word of God, discuss the Scriptures, worship in song, pray, and fellowship. We encourage parents to attend as this is a wonderful opportunity for parents and their children to hear the same lesson, interact with the lesson, and return home discussing what they have heard together. The study is rich, the prayers are faithful, the worship is honoring, and the fellowship is encouraging.


Living In Grace

Teachers: Various

We all know that every Christian is saved by God’s grace alone.  But what about the life we live after we are converted to Christ… after we are “saved”?  Is it the case that we are saved by grace and grow in Christian maturity by our efforts?  How should we view the grace of God in everyday life whether we are enjoying a period of restfulness or being pressed (sometimes painfully) into a new mold by God’s providential hand?  Living in Grace begins to show us how to gain a fresh perspective on what it looks like to apply the grace of God in Christ to every step we take in this life.

The Truth Project-Part 2

Teachers: Tom Hawkins, Jason Lindegren and Dan Rhodes

The major media outlets present half-truths as the whole truth.  The internet has made skeptics of us all.  Most schools, public and private, are unwilling or unable to teach a holistic-and-tied-together view of this life and world.  But we have to make sense of it all nonetheless, and, as Christians, we must pass a biblical worldview on to the next generation.  Yet how can we pass on a biblical worldview if we ourselves don’t know how the scriptures present all the necessary building blocks for things like economics, law, science, art, philosophy, work, etc.?  Come to this class and begin to learn, to piece together, and to see how God’s truth is an intricately woven tapestry of truth supplying all we need for this life and the one to come.  Each week we will watch a 30 minute DVD lesson followed by classroom discussion.  Go to this website for more information about this curriculum:


Teachers: Various

Jacob I have loved but Esau have I hated” says the LORD in Obadiah.  What can this mean?  How does covenant theology – the study of God’s relationship to His people – help us understand this better?  How is it that God can show His great mercies to Nineveh in the book of Jonah and then pour out a wrathful prophecy against Nineveh in Nahum?  And Micah?  Really?  When was the last time you read Micah?  Come participate in this class and study one of the neglected corners of our Bibles.  Come and see the might and mercy of God played out in the prophetic books of Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, and Nahum.

God’s Priceless Woman-From Garden to Glory-Continued

Teacher: Janet King

“Have you ever. . .
…wondered what Exodus has to do with Ephesians?
…wanted to study your Bible but didn’t know where to begin?
…thought of the Bible as nothing more than a set of rules to be followed?

If so, this study was written for you!

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is a beautiful, epic, and cohesive story. It is the story of how our Eternal God is on a Grand Mission to Redeem and Restore His rebellious and wayward children. But it is not a story meant to merely inform us. The story itself is meant to transform us and invite us to participate in this glorious redemption of all things!

From Garden to Glory is a study that will take you through this amazing story. You will marvel at the Steadfast Love of our God Who Plans to Dwell with His children again as He Did in the Garden—and Who Will Stop at nothing until He does.

Children’s Bible Hour

Coordinators: Eric and Kim Harrison
Location: Children’s Wing

Nursery (0 – 24 months) – Room # 101
(Provided at 9am & 10:30 am)
Childcare Workers – 9am –  Ginger Bitterman & Sherri Shoaf

Toddler (2 – 3 years) – Room # 103
(Provided at 9am & 10:30 am)
Childcare Workers – 9am –  Dan & Lynda Entwistle

3 & 4 years (Sea Otters) Room # 104
Teachers: Kitty Lanier & Trisha Nichols
“Hands on Bible Curriculum”

Grades K – 2 (Seals) Room  # 106
Teachers: Marie Kuhn and Debbie Thompson
“God’s Wonderful Library”

Grades 3 – 4 (Dolphins) Room # 107
Teachers: Linda Garwood & Harriet Kruse
“Prophets, Priests and Kings”

Grades 5 – 6 (Whales) Room  # 108
Teachers: Various
How Can We Know He Will Come Again?