We have the following two employment opportunities at this time:

  1. Executive Director – 


General: To serve the Sr. Pastor and church staff to help them accomplish their ministry goals.

1. Oversee the church staff, including:
    A. Directing
    B. Supporting
    C. Coaching
    D. Delegating
    E. Pastoring
    F. Planning and facilitating staff meetings and retreats
    G. Holding staff accountable to spiritual disciplines, spiritual growth, and professional growth
    H. Holding staff accountable to establishing and meeting goals
    I. Reviewing performance
    J. General hiring oversight through Strategic Planning Commission (SPC).
2. Attend all Elder Commission meetings, serving as the staff liaison
3. Support the Senior Pastor, as the leader of the church, in any way needed
4. Perform duties of a Christian leader as official duties of my position, meaning that I will:
    A. Be a messenger, giving myself away for the sake of the least and the lost. This will
    include reaching out to those who need Christ and His Church.
    B. Be a discipler, investing in the life of a few by leading a small group.
    C. Be a leader-equipper, leading all of ministries through lay Ministry Teams, which
    oversee the ministry or at least provide significant input and counsel.
    D. Operate all of the ministries through “Serving Teams” small groups, each with a leader,
    recruiter, and shepherd (who may be one, two, or three separate individuals).
    E. Be a shepherd, measuring those in my ministries in the “Shepherding Values” and
    establishing numerical goals for improvement in these areas. Maintain a shepherding
    relationship with all leaders in my ministry.
    F. Be a servant leader, providing “unbelievable service” to those in this church, among
    other things by returning all phone calls the same day, responding to all emails within 24
    hours, and answering all requests the same week.

Skills & Abilities Needed:
1. Leadership — Including the ability to see the big picture at all times
2. Management — The ability to manage situationally and to understand the details of individual
ministries when necessary, but not get mired in them

Character Traits Needed:
1. Servanthood — This person must thrive on leading by serving, while being in the background
2. Loyalty — This person must be supportive of the Senior Pastor
3. Teamwork — He must be able to develop a unique working relationship with the Senior
Pastor, allowing him to lead and to have direct access to all of the Ministry Staff for providing
counsel and vision. The organizational effect should be similar to that on a ship, with the
Senior Pastor as Captain and Executive Director as Executive Officer.
4. Spiritual maturity — Need not be ordained, but must meet the qualifications of an Elder as
stated in 1st Timothy.

1. Reports to the Session with daily coordination with the Senior Pastor
2. Directly responsible for the Department Heads


  2. Children/Youth/Young Family Pastor

Vision statement:
Disciple, encourage and edify our youth and young families to know Jesus Christ as their Lord
and Savior in order to serve Him and glorify Him by loving others and sharing the gospel locally
and globally.

Position Overview:
The Ministry to Children, Youth and Young Family position will further develop and
manage the ministry to children and youth (grades K1-12) and their family.

1.  A gospel (grace) centered ministry philosophy is essential.
2.  The individual must submit to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America
(Westminster Standards and “Book of Church Order”).
3. Applicants with a seminary degrees or actively working to finish a seminary degree
will be considered.
4. Applicants must be ordained or seeking ordination within the first year of being hired.
5. Proven ministry experiences in ministry to children, youth and their families are
6. The individual must have a proven ability to relate to youth and their families.
Relationship building skills is a must. This position requires a man who is able to
disciple youth.
7. An ability to teach the Scriptures from a Reformed and Covenantal perspective in a
way that will communicate to our contemporary youth culture is a priority.
8. Theological integrity in all matters of ministry to youth and family is essential.
9. The individual is to have a commitment to connecting this age group to the general
10. An ability to manage and equip volunteers for ministry both as teachers and youth
leaders is essential.
11. The individual must have the ability to develop ministry plans and the skills to
implement the particulars of the plan.
12. Organizational and managerial skills are important for this position.

Areas of Responsibility:
1. Be responsible for all children, youth and young families’ Sunday school classes
2. Plan and administer the weekly youth group gatherings. This includes responsibilities
in teaching during the meetings.
3. Recruit and develop adult volunteer leaders for this area of ministry.
4. Plan and administer an effective discipleship ministry through one on one activity
with the youth and small group ministry for their families.
5. Organize and administer all children and youth activities.
6. Develop a strategy to minister to parents of the youth to include establishing
effective, regular communications with all parents. Regular scheduled meetings with
parents are necessary.
7. Organize and participate in youth mission trips and the annual RYM Youth
Conferences and Ridge Haven retreats for our children.
8. Special projects as directed by the senior pastor and/or Session.

Reporting Responsibility:
Administrative reporting responsibility is directly to the executive director.

Personal Requirements:
A commitment to prayer, Bible study, and leadership of his family if married a godly lifestyle
that models Christ and a grace-centered approach to life and ministry

If you are interested in either of these positions, please email your resume to:         rjonesmrpc@triad.rr.com  OR  you can mail it to the church office: Meadowview Reformed Presbyterian Church, One Grace Way Drive, Lexington, NC 27295 to the Attention of Richard Jones.