How Does Jesus Interact with Your Story?

We all love a good story. When the movie trailer says, “based on a true story” suddenly it takes on a new meaning. We begin to think, “what really happened in that person’s life?” Each person you meet has a “backstory.” The definition of backstory is “background information about a real person or thing that promotes fuller understanding of it.” t is a story that tells what led up to the main story.

Each one of us has a backstory that involves family of origin, searching, dreams, hopes, disappointments, love accepted, love rejected, pain and suffering, educational and career accomplishments, family sin patterns, a crisis of belief, and possibly about adoption into a Kingdom. Each person’s story is real. It is refreshing when people take the time to ask, “so tell me your story?” This question works with total strangers or with someone you’ve known for a long time. You are listening to their story. Why? It is another way of connecting with one another. We gain a greater appreciation and understanding of who they are, their behavior and their responses in life.

The good news is that our backstory is not the way we are ultimately defined. Why? Because there is another story. It is the story. It defines us all. It makes us think about who we are and who we can become. God has made a way for our story to join His story by faith.

The story has four questions.
How did it all begin? Creation.
What went wrong? The Fall.
Is there any hope? The Rescue.
What will the future hold? Restoration.

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Jesus, God’s only Son, became our substitute allowing our stories to unite by dying on the cross. For more information go to to see how the story began.